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An image of the large, industrial looking swings made of wood and metal at Phase One of the Rail Park
Close up image of purple flowers
An image of the Cut, showing buildings on either side of an overgrown green space with a path going down the middle of it. A bridge passes above the green space, and the historic Inquirer building is seen in the background
An image of the Story Wall at the Rail Park: an 80 foot galvanized steel wall that illustrates an 1895 atlas of Philadelphia with cutout icons of the businesses that were around the neighborhood at that time
An image of the metal train trestles on top of the elevated Viaduct
An image of the Viaduct. Brown grass grows on the ground, and a footpath is visble in the middle. A building presses up on the edge of the Viaduct to the left. The out of use metal train trestles remain on the structure.
An image of the ramp entrance to the Rail Park. The Story Wall and seating platforms are visible to the right.




我们的使命是建立一个大规模的、变革性的和包容性的公共空间,把费城居民和游客与城市和相互之 间关联起来。 

通过跨部门合作和社区协作,铁路公园将把一条历 史悠久的铁路改造成三英里长的线性公园和路径, 丰富城市的健康、文化和生态,为费城居民创造一个包容性的经济机会。 

Person with dark brown hair that is cut into a bob. She is wearing dark blue pants and a brown shirt. She is smiling and showing her teeth. She is standing with her hands at her sides at the Rail Park with sumac trees in the background.

Rebecca Cordes Chan


A person with blond hair that is pulled back into a bun, with some strands of hair framing her face. She is wearing a black shirt and a gold button down that is open in the front. She is smiling and standing against a background of sumac trees at the Rail Park.

Ava Schwemler




我们的董事会包括一些铁路公园最长期和最忠实的 维护者。他们中的许多人已经支持了公园支几十年—直截了当地说,没有了他们的支持,今天公园就不会开放。 

  • Nyla Koncurat主席
  • Sarah McEneaney副主席
  • Allen Hall财务主管
  • Melissa Kim秘书
  • Jacob Cooper
  • Sally Elk
  • Camille Focarino
  • Sunanda Ghosh
  • Liz Maillie
  • Ginger Rudolph
  • John Struble


铁路公园之友与Philadelphia Parks & Recreation密切合作, 管理铁路公园一期工程,并将其充满公共项目和生活。