The PArk

The Rail Park connects Fairmount Park with Center City, running from Brewerytown to the Northern Liberties. It ties together cultural institutions that reach from Chinatown to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Three miles, all told, on the tracks of the old Reading Railroad. It runs underground. It soars overhead. Three sections. 10 neighborhoods. 50 city blocks. This park has been growing for years. And this park—our park—is about to burst into life.


The people

Behind this park, there are people. Real people. Us. We’re the Friends of The Rail Park, a nonprofit with one simple mission: to bring The Rail Park to life. Energy is building. We’re gaining support. Funds are already in the bank. We will not stop working until The Rail Park is built. Then we’ll care for it, like we have all these years, and we’ll fill it with programs that benefit our city, our neighborhoods, and the people of Philadelphia.

Friends of The Rail Park is working in collaboration with the Center City District towards implementing the first phase of The Rail Park and ensuring its ongoing maintenance and care. 


The Plan

The park has three sections: the Viaduct, the Cut, and the Tunnel. We have big plans for all three. But you have to start somewhere, so we’re starting right at Broad Street—where the Viaduct meets the Cut and the tracks meet the street. Then we’ll work outward and onward.

Designs for Phase 1 were completed by Studio Bryan Hanes and a cost estimate and construction documents prepared by Urban Engineers. Fundraising is currently underway for both construction and long-term maintenance and stewardship.


board of directors

Brad Baer

Hilda Bacon

Sally Elk

Michael Garden, Vice President

Sunanda Ghosh, Vice President

Aaron Goldblatt, Treasurer

Josh Goldblum

Melissa Kim, Secretary

Liz Maillie, Vice President

Sarah McEneaney, President

John Struble, Vice President

Karla Zarate-Ramirez

advisory committee

Gail Bower

Eileen Marolla

Christopher Strom

Debra Ward