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Visiting the Rail Park

  • What are the Rail Park’s hours?

    Phase One of the Rail Park is free and open to the public from 7am to 10pm, every single day.

    Come visit! Wander the paths. Sit for a bit. Relax on the bench swings. Meet someone new. Enjoy the sweeping views of our beautiful city. Get a breath of fresh air.

  • Where is the entrance to the Rail Park?

    There are two entrances to the Rail Park.

    The wheelchair accessible entrance is on Noble Street, just east of Broad. Then the park runs along Noble, and arcs up over 13th Street and onto the Viaduct.

    The second entrance is a staircase on Callowhill Street, between 11th and 12th.

  • Is the park pet-friendly?

    Yes! Pets are welcome throughout the open park, but please clean up after your dog and keep them out of the planting beds.

  • Who is in charge of maintenance and security?

    Phase One of the Rail Park is maintained by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation with Friends of the Rail Park playing a supporting role in maintenance and stewardship of the park.

  • Are there bathrooms at the Rail Park?

    There are no bathrooms available at the Rail Park. We recommend using the bathroom ahead of your visit.

  • Who designed the Rail Park?

    Phase One (the open portion of the Park) was designed by Studio Bryan Hanes and Urban Engineers. The construction restored and maintained much of the existing infrastructure, and carried the industrial scale and character of the site through to platforms, benches, and guardrails throughout the park. Environmental graphics were designed by Cloud Gehshan. Construction funds were raised and project management was provided by our partners at the Center City District.

  • When will the Rail Park expand?

    Over the course of 2021, Friends of the Rail Park is commissioning a cost estimate and feasibility study that will help us better understand what is possible for the Rail Park, how much it will cost, and what our next steps should be to make the vision for the Rail Park a reality.

Events at the Rail Park

  • Can I host an event at the Rail Park?

    If you are looking to host a large event at the Rail Park, you may need to obtain a permit from the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. You can find out whether you need a permit and how to get one here. With any questions, please reach out to Ava Schwemler, Communications Manager, at

  • Can I rent the Rail Park for a private event?

    Because the Rail Park is a public park in the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation parks network, we always keep the park open and accessible to the park. While events may be permitted at the park, we are unable to limit access the park for a private event.

Supporting the Rail Park

  • I want to support the Rail Park. How can I get involved?

    If you believe in the Rail Park, help us bring the full three-mile vision to life. Become a member of Friends of the Rail Park. As a member, you’ll be part of the community that’s turning this unused rail line into a public space for all. You’ll also receive updates on events, news, and progress as we work to bring the park to life.

    Don’t wait. Become a member today.

  • What will the Rail Park do for me?

    Whether you are a visitor or a lifelong Philadelphian, the Rail Park has something for you. When complete, the Rail Park will offer a new way to experience Philadelphia and travel across it. The Rail Park will connect communities, provide space for recreation, a platform for the arts and cultural activities, and space to engage with nature for Philadelphians and visitors alike.

  • What will the Rail Park do for Philadelphia?

    The Rail Park will have a positive impact on the quality of life for all Philadelphians, as well as visitors from near and far.

    When the full three-mile park is complete, it will provide an entirely new transportation path for pedestrians and bicyclists running across Philadelphia, just north of Center City. It will provide open green spaces for all kinds of programming, enhancing education, culture, health and wellness, and the arts.

    It will also spark local economic growth, elevating Philadelphia as an attraction for visitors and tourists from around the region and around the world.

  • Is my donation to the Rail Park tax deductible?

    Yes! Friends of the Rail Park is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. When you make a donation, you will receive a letter acknowledging your contribution that can be used for tax purposes.

  • I’m having trouble with my donation. Who do I contact?

    If you need help making a donation to the park, you can email or call 215.485.2221. We can either help you work out the kinks or accept a donation over the phone.

  • I want to make a custom or in-kind gift. Who can I talk to?

    If you want to discuss alternative ways of supporting the park, we’re always happy to talk about options. Reach out to or call 215.485.2221.

  • Can I volunteer my time to support the Rail Park?

    From time to time, we host clean ups at the park and in the surrounding community. Keep an eye on this website or our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for future volunteer opportunities. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all Rail Park happenings.

  • What does my donation support?

    Unless otherwise specified, your donation to Friends of the Rail Park supports the stewardship of Phase One, free community programming, and our efforts to bring the full three-mile vision for the Rail Park to life.

Accessing the Rail Park

  • Is the Rail Park wheelchair accessible?

    The wheelchair accessible entrance to the Rail Park is on Noble Street, just east of Broad. The park arcs upward at an ADA-compliant slope, all the way to the other end of the park.

  • Is there parking available near the Rail Park?

    Parking can be found on the street around the Rail Park, both paid and free. There is also a paid parking lot at 411 N 13th Street.

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