Behind the Rail Park, there are people.

Real people. Us. We’re the Friends of the Rail Park, a nonprofit working with the City of Philadelphia, the Center City District, and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation toward one simple goal: to bring the Rail Park to life.

10 Neighborhoods

Connecting Fairmount Park to Center City.

A Space for Everyone

Young and old, artists and athletes, neighbors and visitors alike.

Community programming for arts, education, culture, health, and wellness.

Sounds of the Rail Park

From the Staff

Sounds of the Rail Park

Sounds of the Rail Park explores the sights, sounds and spaces of the Rail Park.

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The Friends of the Rail Park

We are a small, determined team that’s been working to create the Rail Park for years. Now, energy is building. We’ve got more support than ever. And we will not stop working until the entire Rail Park is built. Then we’ll care for it, like we have all these years, and we’ll fill it with programs that benefit our city, our neighborhoods, and the people of Philadelphia.

Friends of the Rail Park is working in collaboration with the Center City District, the City of Philadelphia, and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to care for Phase One of the Rail Park, and fill it with public programs and life.



Friends of the Rail Park is a 501(c)3 organization that drives the vision behind the transformation of historic rail lines that traverse Philadelphia into a continuous three-mile linear park and recreation path that connects and enlivens the social, historical, and environmental fabric of Philadelphia’s communities.

Our mission is to be the City’s partner to create, activate, and enhance the quality of the Rail Park in order to engage diverse residents, bridge communities, and promote inclusivity among Philadelphians and visitors.


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