Construction is on Track

If you’ve walked past Phase 1 the Rail Park lately, you know there’s a lot going on. Since breaking ground last fall, AP Construction's team, managed by our partner Center City District, has been focused on clearing out and cleaning up. And we’re excited to say that demolition is about 80% finished.

Here's what's been happening lately:

  • Remediating soil, removing ballast, and stripping bridges down to bare bones.
  • Lead paint abatement, making sure the site is clean and safe before the planting season begins.
  • Tagging trees for spring planting.
  • Working with our partners at Studio Bryan Hanes to begin restoring the site’s stone walls.

And here’s what will be tackled in the weeks to come:

  • Building foundations for a stairway on the south side of 13th and Noble Streets.
  • Repairing bridges, cleaning trestles, and waterproofing the structures that pass over streets.
  • Installing new metal railings along the edges of the Viaduct.
  • Giving some structures their first coat of paint.

So if you haven’t been past the construction site lately, it’s definitely worth a trip. And lucky for you, we’ll be announcing Spring Tour Dates soon! So stay tuned.