Listen: A Guided Meditation with Nalaverse

Nalaverse is a Black-owned, women-led mental wellness platform. offering Yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes. Join A’Tiya Sinae, Yoga instructor, sound healing practitioner, and Reiki healer for a 10 minute guided meditation, set at Phase One of the Rail Park.


Rebecca Cordes Chan: [00:00:00]10 years ago, a small group of community members looked at the rusty rails that run through their neighborhoods and saw a potential, potential for a usable, beautiful public space. When completed, the Rail Park will connect more than 10 neighborhoods with three miles of continuous green space, a space for everyone, young and old, athlete and artist, neighbors and visitors alike. Friends of the Rail Park presents Sounds of the Park.

[00:01:00] A’Tiya Sinae: [00:01:15] Hello, my name is A’Tiya Sinae and I’m a meditation and sound healing instructor for the Nalaverse, and I’ll be guiding you through a 10 minute meditation. This meditation is intended to be done at the Rail Park, but you can always come back to this meditation anytime, anywhere.

As you enter the Rail Park, I invite you to slow down. Maybe you begin to deepen your breath and move with a little more [00:02:00] intention. Beginning to scan the landscape of the park, looking for a space you’d like to sit in stillness for this meditation. Allow your intuition to guide you here, choosing the space that most calls to you.

Once you’re settled in this space, begin to find a comfortable seated position. You may want to place your hands in your lap or along your sides. Close your eyes if you like or focus on one spot at or below eye level.

We’ll begin by directing your attention outward. Notice the sounds around you. Birds chirping, cars and buses driving by, [00:03:00] kids exploring and the gravel as other visitors journey by. Concentrate on all the things you can presently hear.

Now begin to slowly bring your attention inwards. Increasingly turning your attention away from your surroundings, start to tune into your inner self. Notice your physical body.

How are you feeling? Take a moment to observe this. [00:04:00] With even more intention now began to focus on your breathing. Observe your breath without making any adjustments. 

Notice how your belly rises and falls on each inhale and exhale. Feel this movement as you fill up and empty the breath. [00:05:00] Begin to notice how calm, gentle, and steady your breath is. 

Allow any tension that you may be carrying to leave now. Relax your muscles and bring ease to your body. Begin to bring relaxation into the present moment.

Notice your hands. Are your hands tense or tight? Let them soften. Take a breath. Notice your arms. Feel any sensations in your arms? Let your shoulders [00:06:00] soften. 

Notice your neck and throat. Let them be soft. Relax. Let your face and facial muscles be soft, unclench your jaw, and begin to bring separation in between the teeth. 

Okay. Remove your tongue from the top of your mouth and let it rest gently. [00:07:00] Begin to notice your whole body. Take three more breaths, nice and slow. Become aware of your whole body as best as you [00:08:00] can and as your journey through the world. 

Take a breath and then when you are ready, you can start to float your eyes open. Take some gentle movements. Acknowledge yourself for practicing stillness and self-awareness today.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this meditation. Whether you’re [00:09:00] listening to this meditation with us here in Philadelphia or anywhere else in the world, I hope you have a grounded and peaceful day. My name is A’Tiya Sinae and you can join me for a meditation class over at